Residential Assisted Living Externship Opportunity Requirements

Are you an existing student currently taking a Kaduceus CNA, MA, or PCT Program looking for externship opportunities? This may be the next step in your medical career.

Based on your performance during the 4-week externship, you may be offered permanent, full-time employment at one of the facilities listed below.

The requirements are as follows.

Age Restrictions

Candidates for externship must be at least 17 years old to apply.

Course Status

Applicants are required to be enrolled in an approved  Kaduceus CNA, MA, or PCT Program during the time of application.

Additional Information

Applicants must complete this online form in its entirety.

Residential Assisted Living Externship
Application Form

Available Hours

Hours of Operation: All facilities are open 24/7 (Full-Time Hours – Various Shifts).  List available times for all available days.